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Joe 24-05-2012 03:26

Another goofy X6 docker
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Hi all

While waiting for some knowledgeable Corel ninjas to answer the other questions I have engineered yet another little X6 docker. This one is really raw, based on an idea I once had - it's basically a notepad right inside of CD.

The top textbox is a calculator of sorts, routed through the CQL evaluate function, so you can do stuff like this:
And get this:
Sometimes handy. Moving on, below that you have a very simple task list thing. You can put in some tasks (well, I suppose normally those would be Design related):
Then press Add new task(s) and get this:
And as you complete them you can add some checkmarks:

It's really simple, doesn't remember anything (yet) and is basically just a toy. But sometimes useful. In theory I can add saving of the data and even per-document saving and loading of it, depends on interest.

Here's the code to add it:


Sub addNotepadDocker()
    Dim dockerAssembly As String
    dockerAssembly = "D:\Downloads\DOCKER\Notepad\bin\Debug\Notepad.dll"
    Call FrameWork.AddDocker("7BCA6297-CD28-4320-A168-FFA635B9FA0A", "Notepad.Docker", dockerAssembly)
    Call FrameWork.CommandBars("Dockers").Controls.AddToggleButton("7BCA6297-CD28-4320-A168-FFA635B9FA0A", 0, False)
End Sub

ddonnahoe 25-05-2012 08:28

I would love to see data save between launches of Draw on this. This could be a great tool for remembering to do jobs that my sales people bring in. Would also be nice to prioritize the tasks by due dates. At the very least, drag and drop in any order you need.

Joe 25-05-2012 14:37

Well, a single comment is enough fuel to add improvements for a while. I'll look into it.

Due dates may be tricky (as date formats are different, etc, but priority changing should be possible).

byteme67 29-05-2012 12:29

Looks very useful. Although the calculator thing possibly linking it to selected object(s) for maybe a reposition or size or rotation. Kinda like a "look and see" what, where and how it would like maybe?!? IDK just thinking. :D

But CD already can perform calculations like that in most of their input fields. i.e. Page dimensions you can enter 2+2*8-40/4 and get the result 8.

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