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lebaron 11-06-2009 06:43

Using set_ResampleHandler() in import process ?
Hi !

Wat is the syntax and method for using this function?
It is the way for prompt ui, or display a message during the import process ?


wOxxOm 17-06-2009 02:59

why would you want to use it btw?

anyway you should add a class module to your project and add a tools->reference to coreldraw vector library then code the class:

Implements VGCore.IImportResampleHandler

Private Function IImportResampleHandler_Resample(ByVal opt As VGCore.IStructImportResampleOptions) As Boolean
End Function

actual import code:

dim sio As StructImportOptions
Set sio = CreateStructImportOptions
Set sio.ResampleHandler = oResampler
sio.Mode = cdrImportResample
ActiveLayer.Import "some file", , sio

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