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DianaKennedy 02-02-2008 01:31

Can Corel PP be customized?
Hi everybody.

I have a few questions. can Corel Photopaint be customized in any way? Two things:

1. When choosing change color mode to black and white, default choice is "halftone". But I need "line art". Is there a way to make "Line Art" as the default option? - since I probably never will use "halftone" in my life.

2. When saving a jpg, I have to look for the normal jpg in the list of saving formats and carefully watch to not accidentaly take jp2 or the other. I never will use those other jpg variants. Is it possible to simply wipe them out of the saving format options?

Thanks for any advice.

Gadget 04-02-2008 03:43

You could probably make new buttons that do these actions for you rather than remove/alter the existing ones.
(ie a button that would convert the current image into B&W:Line-art with one click and one that would saveas JPG with one click.)

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