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CarlHopwood 27-11-2011 08:06

Data Merge Project
5 Attachment(s)
Dearest All.

I have got a project that i am looking to get done and i wondered if any of you might know of a macro that can do it? Or if any of you would be willing to make a macro to do it? I am willing to pay.

The project description below and the images i refer to are in the .zip file attached:

"The project is to take 'names' from a .csv file and print merge them into CorelDRAW. However the ‘Size’ from the size column, next to the 'name' in the .csv file, must be recognised to select the appropriate template size to be repeat the name within (see point 1 below). The corresponding ‘Name’ (e.g. LOMAX etc) is then repeated within this template with specifications as laid out in point 2 below.

1. There are 4 templates all with the same width (3.6 cm) but with different lengths: 64cm = x small , 78cm = small, 86cm = medium, 90cm = large. However, I want to be able to edit the template lengths and create new templates. e.g create an X-Large template

2. Important specifications with regards to the spacing and positioning of the repeat ‘name’:
a. The ‘name’ must be repeated as many times as possible within the template keeping the spacing between the repeated ‘name’ and the end of the template equal and these spaces must be ? 3.0 cm. e.g: looking at attachment ARMY_MEDIUM_SPACING.jpg the spacing’s represented by A B C D E F G are all equal and ? 3.0cm.
b. The font size is set to 93 (with the option to edit this) with the positioning of the ‘name’ as shown in ‘sizing.jpg’:
c. IF HOWEVER the number of repeats of the ‘name’ is 2 or less, due to its length, then the font must be decreased in size, keeping the ‘text midpoint’ in the same position until 3 ‘names’ are repeated and the spacing between the ‘names’ and the end of the template is equal to 3.0cm.
d. ‘names’ that include a space, e.g. ‘WHY NOT’ or ‘HUNTING SHOOTING FISHING’ must have 1.5 x the normal ‘character space distance’.
e. IF HOWEVER a ‘name’ includes 1 or more space(s) and cannot repeat 3 times with font size 93, then repeat 2 times, with the spacing within the ‘name’ still set to 1.5 x the normal spacing distance but the spacing between the repeated ‘name’ and the end of the template must remain equal and ? 3.0 cm.
IF still at font size 93 the spacing between the 2 repeat ‘names’ is less than 3.0 cm then repeat the ‘name’ only once in font size 93, setting the spacing between the words within the ‘name’ ? 3.0 cm and equal to the space between the ends of the template.
IF spacing is still less than 3.0 cm then decrease text size, keeping the ‘text midpoint’ in the same position, until the spacing between words and the end of the template are equal and set to 3.0 cm.
3. The text color of each ‘name’ must be able to be changed using an extra column within the .csv file to specify the color, - please suggest a method/way in which this can be done and implement it into the program. The font must also be able to be changed also using an extra column within the .csv file. Again, please suggest a method/way in which this can be done and implement it into the program.

4. All templates must be joined together in the order that they are listed within the .csv file. Between each template must be an adjustable X.X cm of blank template that is 3.6 cm in width. This is shown by the attachment: Order_Example_1.pdf – this shows the blank template section in purple.. it must normally be in white.

5. The templates will be used to print onto an elastic waistband so instead of the normal A4 format the printing area is actually a width of 3.6cm with an infinite length. This is shown by the template examples attached.

6. Example orders: Attached is a .csv file with an order of 4 templates, x-small through to large, the file is named example_order_1.csv. The corresponding example_order_1.pdf is what the program should make when the blank template is set to 5.0 cm.

Another example order is attached, this contains 50 different names – the file is called example_order_50_names.csv. "

Thank you very much for taking the time to look over the project and please ask any questions!!


ippass 03-12-2011 03:25

Not a simple macro may do ...
as titled... not a simple macro may do ..

but a simple vba may do!

which is ... we may do this by some programing....
calculating the widths, spaces, and the sizes of the text which is inside.:D

if nobody wants to help you by free.... I'd be paid to help you!
which is my full time job to be a online worker!

CarlHopwood 03-12-2011 06:35

Does anyone know of this guy or advise anything?! Worth an ask...


I am very interested in contracting someone to do it and i am sure you could be the programmer. I have never heard of those two sites that you are registered with and they seem to only support the Chinese language.

Could you register with www.odesk.com. I have worked through them and i'll be willing to pay you for the extra time it takes to register! Although that will probably only be 5 minutes.

Do you have examples of similar vba programs that you have created for CorelDraw?

Hope to hear from you soon,


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