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GordonG 23-09-2012 16:09

When is X6 version coming?
Seriously, we're approaching the end of the calendar year, many of us have paid for the software to do this job and unless we revert to X5 (which I don't plan on doing) we've got nothing useful!

I don't really care if I have to pay a fee to update it (within reason - the same ridiculous delay happened with X5 and cost me big time) but I want the software for which I've paid to just WORK.

I've heard from another source that Alex is a programmer at Corel, and is 'busy'. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn... :)

shelbym 23-09-2012 17:02

This is a common argument that I hear a lot, and not to start a flame war, but I want to be clear that when you buy a macro you are buying it for the supported version of CorelDRAW and not a FUTURE version. There is no way a macro author can predict the future and know if their code will run in a future version. Its like expecting CorelDRAW 9 to work with Windows 8, and asking Corel to release a free patch for it to work correctly. Really?

Alex is one of the most generous macro authors as he has offered these updates for free in the past. Yes, it does take some time for him to update all this macros because yes he is busy actually writing the code that makes macros possible for the rest of us. Without him, we wouldn't have macros at all.

The 64-bit version of CorelDRAW X6 will require many macros to be rewritten and with this a time investment that shouldn't be given away for free. My guess is Alex will do exactly that, update and not ask for an upgrade fee, but in my opinion he shouldn't.

If you value a Macro or a Macro Author you might try asking nicely. "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." In my experience Macro Authors put much more time into their code than any monies they recoup, and it would be nice for once if someone gave a few words of encouragement and support.


GordonG 25-09-2012 07:29

Shelby, I've tried asking nicely (as have others) and we don't even get an answer. I've also stated quite clearly that I'm prepared to pay. :D

Signman 25-09-2012 12:02

x6 64 bit support
I haven't been around for a long time.....I haven't ask for anything but I do use the "thumbnailer" on a daily basis. I just updated to Corel x6 and now I'm in deep "stuff". I have became dependant on that macro for so long...through all the Corel versions since it came out. If I can't get an update for x6...I'll have to revert back to 15 and wait. I too would be willing to pay for an update to "Thumbnailer"....my most used macro. I hope Alex will see this......and come through for us.

shelbym 25-09-2012 14:58

Thumbnailer and X6

This one I can help with. :-)

Unofficial Thumbnailer for X6


Signman 26-09-2012 06:30

Thumbnailer x6
Thank you, thank you, thank you! :yippee: I appreciate that very much. Now I can continue with Corel x6. I hope everyone else gets what they need in a timely manner as I did. Did I say Thank you?:D

GordonG 15-10-2012 18:03

Another month goes by, another month closer to panic stations for the end of the year, another month with not even the courtesy of a reply to tell us what is going on. I'm sitting here, credit card in hand and achieving nothing...

This is the only way we can contact Alex, can't find an email address anywhere.

I'm happy to spend money, within reason (I've said that before); I want to use the product (I've said that before); I'm trying to run a business (I've said that before); I want help (I've said that before).

GordonG 26-10-2012 01:22

Just as an update, I found Alex's email address from the original email receipt for Calendar Wizard, so I emailed him. No reply...

If anyone else wants to try, it's alexv@oberonplace.com


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