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wOxxOm 30-04-2006 06:24

How to increase redraw speed 100 times
Deeply disturbed by increasing sluggishness of new CorelDraw versions at really complex artworks (specifically - redraw speed), I thought it would be nice to "teach" developers of quite static CorelDraw some tricks used in highly volatile world of game 3d-rendering and other real-time zero-lag applications

I sent following text to CorelSupport techinfo, 2months passed and I didn't saw a reply that it was "escalated to developers". Its style is far from cool, but the idea is great and wellknown.
Maybe you people will be more polite and we will deliver this to devs. By the way, photoshop uses redraw cache for 10+ years as far as I know. It is indeed very stupid not to catch up for so long ;-). Now the only way to work superfly (with a A4/A2 page[s] overloaded with hires graphics) is switching to draft mode which is 20 times faster but also 20 times uglier.

  • FeatureProposal:: use persistent cache for display artwork/bitmaps at several resolutions
  • WhatFor:: several times (maybe 100times i just don't know for now) redraw acceleration
  • Tech:: as you know redrawing of artwork with many bitmaps or one very big is quite (up to 2 sec) slow on high magnifications e.g. when working with curves above bitmaps and many other cases.
    There are cases a typical user first views overall page at 33% zoom, then enlarges some piece to 2000% to correct something, then back to 33%.
    There are cases when you for hours edit a curve above bitmap and do zooming back and forth with wheel at several discrete zoom levels (50, 500, 1000 e.g.) and caching bitmap view for those zoom levels separately from curves would reduce time to zoom to almost zero.
    The same goes not only for bitmaps, but also for complex curves in artwork consisting of 1000 curves each 1000 nodes e.g. scanned/traced picture. But in case of curves there is a problem of curve penetrating/overlapping - and I propose to divide page redraw cache to say 32x32 blocks and make recalculations on zoomchange only for those blocks that were really changed. And PLEASE not that whenuser edits curve stretching on 10 logical cacheblocks he edits nodes one by one - and changes for curve are LOCAL, so you don't have to redraw all 10 blocks, only those that contain changed part of curve.
  • Conclusion:: Don't be suprised but this principle of caching is not new though kind of code-secret. It is used in games by very professional developers of very-high-price 3D-engines. You may notice that photoshop uses light-version of this principle. I hope to see someday CorelDraw X## with redraw speed faster than anything on the market, I mean just instantaneous.
I have fast PC, so it's not hardware
P4 3000 (fsb800, 5GB/sec ram throughput)
1GB pc3200 ram 2x512, Asus P4P800 intel i865
120gb +300gb SATA seagate 7200
8xAGP ATi Radeon 9600XT 256MB (500 Mhz)
Nostalgie: April 27, 2005

Originally Posted by Alex
I'm working on a very complex drawing and each time I move an object it takes a long time to repaint the document. Is there a way to make working with complex documents easier?

P.S. please don't say CorelDraw is fast. I know it's fast. 90% cases. I talk about ways of perfecting and outperforming Illustrator and others in field of hires workflow. Just imagine what if CorelDraw would redraw page 20 times faster than Illustrator....

ddonnahoe 05-05-2006 20:17

I agree 100%. This is a must if we are to ever overcome the onslaught of Adobe heads.

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