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eastcoastcreative 11-06-2010 20:37

X5 versions
it;s been over a year since any updates and my x4 version are boat anchors sine I no longer have x4...we need need x5 replacements asap

CocaColaKid 12-06-2010 21:29

I believe this macro/program will be no longer after X4 as Alex has not responded to any postings regarding X5 nor has he responded to my email that I sent him asking about it. A simple reply indicating whether he was or was not going to support X5 would have been nice. It is a shame really as this is something I used daily and will surely miss it when I have to upgrade to X5.

CocaColaKid 12-06-2010 21:36

I just realized there is a Docker called Corner Effects that pretty much does that is exact same thing as CurveWorks did for me!!! Now I can upgrade to X5 without worry. Thanks Alex for the wonderful program but your lack of support later on has been quite a disappointment. A simple statement saying X4 was the last version would have been nice. At least we have an alternative now.

shelbym 25-11-2010 22:08

X5 versions are now available here:

Alex's CorelDRAW/Corel DESIGNER VBA macros


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