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c1lemke 13-04-2011 16:48

Converting Photoshop Scripts to CorelDRAW
Hi Alex,

Found your site via Google for "CorelDRAW scripts", just so you know.

What I'm looking for is a way to convert Photoshop CS(#) scripts to CorelDRAW. I've written a Photoshop script which works very well for my needs, but I'm totally unfamiliar with CorelDRAW's scripting engine, it's syntax and idiosychroncies...

I am thinking rather than re-invent the wheel (so to speak) is to provide you with the Photoshop script that I wrote and hopefully you could provide pointers on how to do the same thing in CorelDRAW.

The reason for all of this is that I own, run and maintain a website for T-shirts and use Photoshop to create the images for website display, but use CorelDRAW for creating the silk screen images for actually printing the designs on the shirts.

It would be nice to keep all of the processes in the "CorelDRAW" family, if possible. What the Photoshop script does (that I wrote) is to save a file (.GIF, for transparancy) for each matte color that is defined within the script.

Any suggestions on conversion is greatly appreciated!


Here is the Photoshop script that I'm hoping that can be converted to do the same with CorelDRAW:


/* Deleting code due to lack of any response on forum...

Sablesword 16-04-2011 14:31

You're awfully quick on the draw wrt declaring "lack of interest" and removing your code after only two or three days. I would have left it up for at least a week or two, so that those who check the forum on a weekly basis (like me) would have a chance to see and respond.

beczukdavid 15-09-2011 04:00

Never mind him. I means he does not really need help.:P

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