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xombie 21-06-2011 10:37

Photopaint x5 from draw x5
Hello all.
Yesterday I ran into a problem when removing Bitstream Font manager 2006 from the x4 programs group via the add remove programs util. Upon doing so photopaint x4 was removed, also. My vba code referenced x4 and the interface was exposed. Obviously now x4 is gone, so is the object reference.
I didnt realize this until I ran my macro and errored out. I checked to make sure that x5 photopaint was now referenced. and it seems to be. I suspect since version 12 the code to launch photopaint must have changed. Here's what I used after declaring CPP as photopaint.Application....

    Sub Open PP
  Set CPP = photopaint.Application
    If CPP.Application.Visible = False Then MsgBox "please wait"
    With CPP.Application
        .OpenDocument (NFN)
    end with

Could someone clue me in pls?

shelbym 17-07-2011 16:24

You need to make sure the version you want to use is Referenced and any other references are removed or it will error out. If you still have a problem do a "repair" on your newest version most likely X5, this should reset the references. Hope that helps,


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