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linearg 23-11-2007 16:14

wOxxOm macro problem
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I had your Recent files macro installed for quite awhile and now I receive this when I open CorelDraw X3 Attachment 706 Any idea what to do to fix?

wOxxOm 23-11-2007 21:42

I don't know. The CLSID provided beolngs to core VBA, namely "Microsoft Forms 2.0 Form" object.
Try to reinstall VBA/DRAW or even MSOffice if you have one.

sallybode 20-01-2009 18:38

New version of Anti-Virus disables Recent Files
Hi, w0xx0m,

We use AVG Anti-Virus at work.

I've been using your Recent Files macros for quite a while and just love it, but our old anti-virus was expiring, so we upgraded to what was recommended. Since that time, if I launch Recent Files macro, it shuts down CorelDRAW. I've been running it in both CorelDRAW 12 and X3, and it shuts DRAW right down.

I've tried every configuration of things I can shut off on the Anti-Virus, and none of them work.

If anyone else has a problem in this way and needs a visual to open their files quickly, I've also found that I can use Irfanview thumbnails view and have selected CorelDRAW as my editor for .cdr files. It will open the file too.

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