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hvw 21-02-2012 06:39

EXIF orientation

is there a way to read the EXIF data in order to find out and use the camera position in a macro.


shelbym 24-02-2012 17:32

I was able to do this with the ExifReader class found here: Exif reader class/dll for VB 6

Then to use is, try something like:

Sub ReadEXIFData()
    Dim objExif As New ExifReader
    Dim txtExifInfo As String
    objExif.Load "D:\Temp\EXIF\2.JPG"
    txtExifInfo = objExif.Tag(Orientation)
    MsgBox txtExifInfo
End Sub

Hope that helps,


hvw 26-02-2012 10:14


Thanks a lot, it works fantastic.

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