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Michael Cervantes 19-05-2004 22:25

stack order
When you move a shape from one layer to another manually, it kept its stack order, but when you use MoveToLayer command, stack order is lost.

Is there any way to identify stack order or to keep its order when MoveToLayer is used?


Michael Cervantes

Alex 19-05-2004 22:55

Re: stack order

I guess what you mean by that is that the shape moved to another layer is placed on top of that layer, however when this is done through UI, it is placed on bottom of the stacking order?

I'm not sure why this happens but you can always reorder the shapes after you do the move. Just do Shape.OrderToBack after the move, and it will appear on the very bottom.

Michael Cervantes 20-05-2004 01:32

stack order
Shape.OrderToBack could work is layer is empty and macro move several objects, but if they are objects there already having different stack order than the new one comming, what to do?

Is there not way to get the shape order index or something like that? Does DRAW doesn't record the order?

Thanks and best regards

Michael Cervantes

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