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neilmckenzie 01-10-2010 07:21

reading text from a Corel Draw page to a Macro

I have multipage coreldraw files which I would like to export to SVG. I know how to export the multipage files as seperate SVG files, but I would like to read text identifers in the top left and top right hand corners of each page to use as metadata within the SVG.

Is there a function in VBA which reads the contents of a text box or read the text from a corel draw page?


shelbym 04-10-2010 00:12

Reading Text Objects
Sure you can find the text on your page, here is a very simple example of finding the text on your page and returning each shape as a message box.

Sub FindText()
    Dim s As Shape
    For Each s In ActivePage.FindShapes(, cdrTextShape)
        MsgBox s.Text.Story
    Next s
End Sub


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