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SIGNTIST2004 27-12-2006 12:31

How To Select Similar Colors In Corel X3
Anybody!!! new to the forum, and cannot figure out how to select "SIMILAR COLORS" in corel draw x3 -- is this possible? for instance, i have a piece of clipart which has say 40 different colors in it, and I want to change all of the beige to brown, but the beige is scattered among 39 different other colors. How do I select all of the current color(beige)?
please help....... any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Lorin in Colorado.

wOxxOm 27-12-2006 12:51

I use SameColorSelect macro from http://recentfiles.netfirms.com/macros.html#colorselect

installation procedure is http://recentfiles.netfirms.com/inst...talltutor.html

Assign for example "F" key to selectSameFillColor, and then just having an object selected in artwork press that key - all (ungroupped) objects of the same color will be instantly selected. For selecting objects with similar color, enable CapsLock, press your assigned key and enter the color difference (negative numbers allow selecting within groups without ungrouping)

shelbym 27-12-2006 16:19

Find and Replace Wizard
I to would use a script, but if you are not into that you can always use Corel's built in method, which is the Find Replace Wizard:

Edit| Find and Replace| Find Objects| Begin a New Search| Fills| Uniform Color| Specific Uniform Color Fill| Then Select All. If you have groups you will be prompted to ungroup them.

If this is something you do all the time, save the search so you don't have all the steps the next time.


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