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designhouse 16-10-2007 02:44

List the Colors Used in a Document

I'm unable to understand how to store the color filled in a shape in a variable.
Like a = activedocument.shaperange.shape.fill........
I wish to make a RGB to CMYK Color converter for fill & outlines. First I want to creat a unique list of RGB Colors used in a document & ask user to enter the equivalent CMYK Color values as a list.

After getting the list, replace the matching colors. Becasuse some times the people use R:13 G:13 B:13 as black but it convert C:83 M:70 Y:70 K:80 not the C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100.



wOxxOm 16-10-2007 03:36

there is a macro that does just that (wx.ConvertShapesToCMYK) you can rip the code off the wOxxOm.TOOLS.package from http://recentfiles.netfirms.com/

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