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jlorbz 22-06-2009 10:14

Draw 12 Convert to curves name bug?
Noticed in Corel 12 that when you convert text to curves the object name data shows correctly in the object data docker but it does not show correctly in the status bar at the bottom or work properly in VBA functions.

In order set the name again you have to change the name to something different. Setting it back to the same name doesn't work unless you change it to something else first then back.

I tried it X3 and get the same result. Has anyone else experienced that and can they let me know if it happens in X4 as well? Thanks.

Just to elaborate I was planning on having a routine that goes through each selected object and doing something to it based on its name. Unfortunatley I'm not going to be able to do that because of the bug. The name actually shows up as blank in VBA even though it shows up in the object data manager...

shelbym 24-06-2009 14:39

I can confirm this still happens in X4, I will submit this as a bug. You could write a macro to store the name, convert the text to curves, than reApply the name. Simplest version might look like this:

Sub KeepMyName()
    Dim strName As String
    strName = ActiveShape.Name
    ActiveShape.Name = strName
End Sub

Hope that helps!


jlorbz 04-03-2010 13:39

I never received the response notification on this. Thanks.

Anyway of checking X5?


shelbym 04-03-2010 14:36

No change in X5, the issue is still there.


jlorbz 04-03-2010 15:41

Ok thanks. That's too bad. I guess I'll just have to make a custom convert to curves button like you suggested.

Thanks again.

copper 22-03-2010 11:54

See also this thread, that I had posted a while back:

Retain Shape Name after Converting to Curves

jlorbz 22-03-2010 12:07


Unfortunatley for me I use a template layout with macros that depend on object names.

The macro runs when the file is initially opened. It compares the width of an active text object (by name) to a curves object (by name). If the width doesn't match exactly then the user gets a warning and the file is closed.

(Basically it's a system we set up to prevent someone from opening a file if they don't have the correct font installed. This supercede's Corel's built in font warning functions which are quite problematic.)

So what I have to do is make a custom convert to curves button that reads the name then converts it to curves and then finally changes the name back to what was read initially. It's a bandaid system to help prevent bugs within Corel's font management system.

An annoying workaround but far better than having someone use the wrong font on a job because Draw didn't bother to warn about the missing font.

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