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Alex 27-04-2005 13:41

Minimizing the number of colors used in a document
I have imported a color clipart image into a document which should contain only a limited number of colors (e.g. only 2 spot colors). Can I somehow replace all RGB/CMYK color in the clipart image with matching spot colors used in my document?

Alex 24-05-2005 11:46

Yes, it can be done quite easily by using Limit Colors macro. It allows to replace all colors in objects with only those from a specific pallete. You can create your own palette with just a few colors and only those will be used. The macro will pick the most closely matching color from the palette for each color it encounters in the drawing.

Another macro in that package is Posterize which allows to pick the most commonly used colors. So you can choose to use only 10 colors, then the macro will select the most dominant 10 colors in the drawing and the rest will be replaced by one of those which matches closest...

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