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xvost 20-11-2005 06:59

About ColorReplacer pallete change
Hi 2 all
tnx for great products!!!
I have a little question for great achievement
In ColorReplacer I'm using special palette for all my works. It is possibly to select colors in fall-out window? (like it's in docker Odject Properties Outline color) instead dialog "Select color"
Tnx for any help :)

ps. sorry for duplicate posts

CBMcKay 15-05-2009 12:00

Pallet in color replacer
I have also found the replacer to be an indispensable tool. Thank you!
I have a small user pallet of about 30 pantone colors that we use on almost all of our designs. Could you describe for me how I would modify your form to load that pallet into the area where your stock CMYK color swatches are displayed? I could hard code the colors to buttons as you have done, but the pallet does change every so often and loading it dynamically seems a better method. I can't find a good example of how to display a pallet via VBS. Is it possible? Can someone point me in the right direction with an example?

Thanks Again.

blakecarl 18-04-2012 20:02

Any update for the new color replacer? :confused:

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