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grzjanik 28-03-2013 03:25

Quick view plates
Hi guys.

I'm working in Corel 12.

I would like to have a quick preview plates.

The idea is that the program in the status bar to display the currently used plates.

Will you help me do something like this?


It is possible that to be useful to other users. :)

Thank you in advance.


grzjanik 21-05-2013 07:45

Plates - true or false
Hi guys.

I'm working in Corel 12 and...

this code:


Sub PlatesTest()

Dim strPlates As String
Dim Plate As SeparationPlate
Dim intPlateCounter As Integer
ActiveDocument.PrintSettings.Separations.Enabled = True

    With ActiveDocument.PrintSettings.Separations
      For intPlateCounter = 1 To .Plates.count - 1
          If .Plates(intPlateCounter).Enabled = True Then
            strPlates = strPlates & .Plates(intPlateCounter).Color & vbCr
          End If
      Next intPlateCounter
          MsgBox strPlates
    End With

intPlateCounter = 1


End Sub

shows this message:


What can I do to show the truth?


Please help me change the code to show only those plates which are actually used in the document.



grzjanik 10-07-2013 02:31

Quick view plates

Anybody know how to fix this code?



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