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Default Advanced Boundry

Originally Posted by click101
Is there any way to modify the "Create Boundary" feature to be larger or smaller than the objects? The final object would need to be a shape not an outline.
I have seen this requested a couple times so here is what I have come up with so far. You can download the gms, or import the files from the zip file into an existing gms, which ever you prefer. I have also attached a screen shot of the form. The basic feature of the Advanced Boundary are:

1. Offset: Inside / Outside
2. Apply Outline Color or No Outline
3. Apply Fill Color or No Fill
4. Supports most of the color models: CMYK, RGB, HSB, etc.
5. Single Undo

To create an outline or fill of none, click on the button and then just cancel to color dialog. (Kinda weird I know, but it is simple and should work.) Make sure you are using CorelDRAW X3 SR1, or this may not work. Suggestions for improving this macro are always welcome, but this should give you a very good start.

Happy coding,

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