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I working in Russia, some of designer's computers en locale and other ru locale but all of them use some net folder named in english with month's name. My macro for automation builds the path and the code in WSH is:

strPath2Lnk = objFSO.BuildPath(objWshShell.SpecialFolders("SendTo"), "Send to NetPrinterFolder.lnk")

prevLocale = SetLocale("en-us")
dtNow = Now()
strTargetPath = objFSO.BuildPath( _
"\\Print\Work", Right("00" & CStr(Month(dtNow)), 2) & "_" & MonthName(Month(dtNow)) & "\" & Right("00" & CStr(Day(dtNow)), 2) _

But there is no simple way to change locale in VBA for my purpose.
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