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Default 4DR Alex:) turn on/off "Snap to objects" & "snap location marks" from VBA

Long live Alex & CorelDraw! ;-)

1. Will it be possible in Draw13 to turn on/off "Snap to objects" & "snap location marks" from VBA? Or at least will there be customizable buttons "[x] snap to objects location marks" & [x] snap to objects screen tips", so that it'll be possible to drag them into workspace?

2. BTW draw12 question: I have text on a path and occidentally drag text red control handle along path curve, so it becomes not centered. OK. but if I want to center it after some time, do I really have to center it manually, - for I haven't found how to recenter it ;-)

3. P.S. ;-) I dream of class "Application.Options" with all the options tree from Tools->Options except Customize ;-)

4. I write multi-file printing macro (like "fileconverter" macro), I don't see how I can implement user-tuning & saving proprietary printer driver's params (like epson's color enhancements, paper media type, etc) for just the time my macro runs. If I use Printer.ShowDialog it retains setup only for current document, when macro opens next doc, printer setup is reset to system default. THE ONLY WAY I found is to tune all the printer's params in WINDOWS->START->printers. But the drawback is I must remember to restore normal printing setup.
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