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Default Remove Mirror form All Selected Text

I have several Artistic Text rotated at different angle in a drawing. Now when I mirror the drawing the text is also mirrored. So how can I remove the mirror while preserving the new rotation angle (all the mirrored text is in different layer so selecting all the mirrored text at once would be easy)

Since I dont konw vb what I tried is

Sub RimoveMirror()

Dim OrigSelection As ShapeRange
Set OrigSelection = ActiveSelectionRange
RAng = OrigSelection.RotationAngle

Dim dup1 As ShapeRange
Set dup1 = OrigSelection.Duplicate()

dup1.RotationAngle = RAng
End Sub

I thought that I will duplicate the selected text -- apply clear transformation to the duplicated text and ask it to copy rotation angle from the original selection and delete the original selection. But I am getting nowhere.
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