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New to the forum and new to corel 4x.

looking for a production solution to automate [as much as possible] the creation of personalized banners.

what i have to work with:

(.jpg, or any format needed) - Stock banner "backgrounds". we may have well over 2,000 backgrounds, which range from season halloween formats to school and business formats.

Personalized text
(can be any delimeted format, .csv, tab, .db, etc.) this could be from 1 to 4 lines of text, depending on the background.

Each background requires a template that will determine the placement of each line of text (line 1, line 2, line 3, etc), the font size, the font type, the font color, etc.

A 18"x54" Halloween theme banner that show a full moon and a witch. The customer has the option to enter 3 lines for text such as:

"Welcome to the"
"Halloween Party"

where the font location, color, style, size and number of chars allowed (up to x chars) is fixed. I just need to insert the text (per a template) with the customer selected background.

* sample image attached below.

Looking to suggestions or directions for this project.

A future itteration might include letting the customer choose different fonts, or colors, or borders etc., but no need in going that direction until/unless a solution can be found for this project.

thank you in advance for any direction or advice...!!

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