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Talking Yoa can create a Workspace


I´m new in this forum, but I trie to help you with your problem. I´m not english, so, if I fail with the traslation, sorry... I´ll trie to speak well... you can correct me ...

You can create a commandbar in Corel in your computer, and you can export it... it´s a file you can send by email, they only have to import it in Corel. You can make a document to explain it step by step.

I made a code to import theWorkspace when Corel opens. The only problem is that it run each time someone open Corel, and you need to have the gms installed. I use it for new version of the code. Tell me if you want it.

To copy the gms you can make it with Visual Basic the first time, o with a batch in MS-DOS.

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