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Default Replace selected name with another

We use a custom label within all out proofs that includes an artist/designer name. In doing so whenever we get a request for a reprint we create a duplicate of the design within the same file. We just move it over next to the previous. Change the date with a macro and change the artist manually as it's not always the same person. I hate typing so with Shelby Moore's help I came up with this toggle macro to easily switch between names. Select the name then hit the macro icon on the toolbar.

Mind you, this is for X7 and not tested otherwise. And, yes, there are only two of us at this time. Add any other artist and....

Sub ChangeArtistName()
Dim s As Shape
Set s = ActiveShape
If s.Text.Story = "Myron" Then
s.Text.Story = "Linda"
Exit Sub
End If
If s.Text.Story = "Linda" Then
s.Text.Story = "Myron"
End If
End Sub
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