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Thank you very much for your macro, your help is really tremendous. If you open the AI-file that you sent me and click on the graphic, there seems to be a doubled copy of the outlines (the same happens on my computer after running your macro too), after deleting that copy it seems to be ok.

Is there also a tip for the cross-fades/lenses in Corel – I use them very often? I enclose two files. The conversion of sample 1 from Corel to AI also lasts about 2 minutes, the file size is increasing to over 70 MB? If I open this cdr file directly in AI everything is going quite fast and the file size is quite small.

The search for the colour model and replacement with the CMYK model works on first sight quite fine in Corel, but if you open the enclosed pantone-replacement-file (the filling is, if you go to the filling options in the filling palette, Pantone DS 1-8 C). In the menu, you´ll only see C:0, M:0, Y=25, K:0(at least I see this on my screen). Now please search/replace all colors with the CMYK-model – and go again to the filling options of that object – and again there is Pantone DS 1-8 C. If you import that replaced figure with AI, its color will be converted to black. For Corel and AI it seems to stay in the spot-color-model.
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