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Default Is there a maximum file size for CorelDRAW?

The title of this thread might be a bit misleading, let me explain.

The thread I started yesterday referring to external symbol libraries, has led to another problem. Currently I am trying to put all my content into 3 external symbol libraries, and reference all my production files that use those symbols to the libraries. It helps keep down the amount of changing I have to do when I change symbols in multiple files.

The problem is, however, my file sizes are still a bit "large". It seems that I hit an upper level and then CorelDRAW crashes every time that file opens. On my laptop, with 1.5 gigs of memory (80% allocated to Corel) that threshold is about 7.5 megs. On my desktop, with 4 gigs of memory, its a little over 10 megs.

This is a bit odd, as someone who has worked in photo and video before, I know other programs have no trouble handling large file sizes (upwards of 150megs), so why does Corel crash with such relatively small files? Anyone know of any fixes, or ever seen this before?

I would love to find a way to work it out, as not doing so is quite a problem.
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