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Well it seems like this may be a non-issue now. I got so frustrated the other day I decided to download the trial of X4 ad see if the same problems were there.

So far I have not run into any problems at even the larger file sizes on the machine I am currently using, so things look good.

Thanks for the replies, I had upgraded to sp2 earlier in the week thinking it might help and the problem still persisted.

Interestingly enough I did manage to find another problem while I was working. In x3 I am working with many layers. Usually only one at a time though, so when I am working on a layer all others are invisible and non-editable. When I finish I turn the layer I was just on to invisible and on-editable, and turn on the next layer. However, sometimes I forget to turn the next layer back to editable, meaning I can see it because it is visible, but I cannot edit it.

If I have this non-editable layer selected and go to try and put a symbol from my external library into it, I break the program. IT thinks, hangs, and finally errors and must be restarted. In some cases it must be fore-quit through the task manager.

This happens in both x3 and x4. Has anyone else ever noticed this problem?
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