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Default Script request for managing import PDF text

Something I am often confronted with is reusing text from PDF files (of an unknown origin). Please see the attached example.

The text then has to be inserted into Word or Powerpoint, usually as a list or as a bullet list or put into a poster in CorelDRAW.

When imported, the text is a series of individual lines of grouped artistic text.

My objective is to concactinate either selected lines of text into a single artistic text object or into a single paragraph text object. Each line needs a linefeed. I don't care about indents or bullets (strip them out).

Is there a existing script to do this or would someone like to write one? I think it would be useful for a lot of folks.

***An addtional option, if possible, would be the ability to concactenate text on mulitple pages.

I use Draw12, DrawX3, and Designer12.
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