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Default Uh...

Well, continuing the tradition of adding more replies after my own replies (sorry), here's the latest + a chance to try out the thing (but only if you have X6...).

Anyhow, I'm attaching the DLL for the docker and you'll have to execute this VBA bit to (hopefully) add the docker to your X6. Then, in theory, you'll only have to replace the DLL as new versions come out.

EDIT: Changed this code a bit, if it didn't work before, it should do now (tested on another machine).

Sub addSelectionVB()
    Dim dockerAssembly As String
    dockerAssembly = "D:\YOUR PATH HERE\Placer.dll"
    Call FrameWork.AddDocker("EBA8171C-A6DD-402A-88F2-6F2ED70B6C9E", "Placer.Docker", dockerAssembly)
    Call FrameWork.CommandBars("Dockers").Controls.AddToggleButton("EBA8171C-A6DD-402A-88F2-6F2ED70B6C9E", 0, False)
End Sub
After that you should have a Placer entry under Window - Dockers and get this:

It's a tad big indeed. However, thanks to the magic of WPF it'll automatically scale to your window size (but anything under 768px vertically will be basically unreadable, though).

So anyways, I am also including the little test CDR that lets you go from this: this:

In minutes.

Here's a mini tutorial on how to do that (Things you do in the docker are In Blue):

Select the houses, set Size Variance to 5 or so, no Angle Variance. Press Place Objects From Bottom and click on the bottom bit where you'd like to place a random house. The first click won't do anything since that takes you back to the CD workspace from the Docker. Press ESC when done.
Now select all the trees, Set Size Variance to 20 or so, Angle Variance to 5 or so. Once again click away. If you don't like the object just do an Undo, you can also scroll and zoom in and out, no problem. Press ESC when done.
Now all the trees are selected, Look at color options, set Hue Variance to 5 or so, Brightness variance to 10 and press Shift Colors.
Now you can select the tiny doghouse and postbox and just use the same options as for the houses to place some in-between.

Bam! You just made a small, somewhat natural town in minutes. To do the same for the planet select your objects, Pick Place in Outer Orbit, then click in the light circle to set the origin point and then click around the perimeter to place objects.

Feel free to experiment with stronger Color values and placing LOTS of objects. Enjoy!

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