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Alright, have been working a bit more on this, cleaned up the code, added a scrollbar and started using Virtualshapes so it's silly fast and smooth now.

The main change, though, is the inclusion of Origin points - you can now set one and the shapes will be placed in relation to that. Which is quite handy for all sorts of things.

There are two side effects to this - since CorelDRAW remembers all the positions as you turn, flip or otherwise adjust you objects, it will only work properly with a non-transformed object. There's also a message box warning you about this and an override switch for those adventurous types.

Curving, Welding or grouping objects will reset their transformations, so that's a good way to get good base objects.

Now the second side effect - when you have 9 origin points to turn an object around the mathematical results are rather confusing, thus I have implemented a "Perceptive Angle Adjustment" system for the Orbit placement mode. What it does is adjust the angles according to certain logic.

The perimeter of the imaginary circle becomes "ground" and thus whatever origin point you pick is going to stick to this " ground". If it's on the bottom it's going to be outside the perimeter, pick a side and it'll act as if that side is glued to the perimeter. And picking the top points lets you place objects inside the perimeter. Sounds complicated, quickly becomes clear as you play with the included test file.

Well, hope to get some feedback and enjoy!

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