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Question Select Shape after Undo...

I have a GMS file preparing a file for cutting. I treat some cases (powerClip, Group or simple lines nets) and during fine tuning I need to revert at the initial selection. For the cutting shape belonging to a group I try to select it again after Undo (programmatically), but it does not work...
I know the shape name and I use the next code:
Private Sub btUndo_Click()
    Application.Optimization = True
    Application.Optimization = False
End Sub
I also tried:
but it does not work
'Prnt' is the page where the group is, declared at the form class level and it is not nothing...
I mean this code put exactly instead of the line to create selection:
 Debug.Print Prnt.Shapes("xxx").Name
returns 'xxx'.
I can select the specific shape in a separate piece of code but not after Undo...
I tried also to put those lines in a separate procedure and call it but the same result...

Are there some limitations after using Undo?
How can a I select that shape after Undo?

I use CorelDRAW X5.

Thanks in advance!
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