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In the meantime I did the next tests:
This simple code can be UNDO with shape selection:
Sub testSelForUNDO()
   Dim S As Shape
   ActiveDocument.BeginCommandGroup "CreareRect"
    Set S = ActivePage.ActiveLayer.CreateRectangle(50, 200, 22, 20)
    'ActiveDocument.AddPages (1)
End Sub
Sub UndoWithSelection()
End Sub
With the line adding a new page (commented now), it does not select the shape any more...
I also mention that the shape in discussion is part of a group but I do not think that can be a problem. FindShape works inside groups, too...

I also mention that this is not an issue which I really need but I would like to understand what happens and how it can be solved...
I can see that the shape (xxx) looks selected in Object Manager. If in 'UndoWithSelection' procedure I insert a line:
 Debug.Print ActiveShape.BottomY
it returns the real bootomY of the shape like selection exists...
If I put this line in another procedure and run it returns an error message (Object variable or With block variable not set), like anything is selected.
I tried ActiveWindow.Refresh, but without result.

What else should I try?

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