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Firstly thanks for your wish to help me!

I am not sure I understand what you mean... To use that in the procedure involving Undo and my intention to select the shape (part or a group)?
If yes, I tried it now without success...
I also tried to declare it like a public shape at the class level and even if referencing it is good and the shape is not nothing it can not be selected.
Can you use your suggestion in the small example I posted?
I would like to mention that during the procedure involving Undo the selected shape is clearly identified and I am able to clone, copy, whatever can be done with a shape but not select it. Only inside this procedure... It appears to be selected for a moment and immediately is deselected... It just does not look like being selected (except in Object Manager) and it is not selected at all in order to be recognized as active shape in a future procedure...

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