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Default Is this forum still alive?

I found out how to solve my problem using a crutch (speaking in Russian ):
Dim FOp as Variant, FileAr as Variant

With CreateObject("Excel.Application")
 FOp = .GetOpenFileName(FileFilter:="(*.txt), .txt,)", MultiSelect:=True)
     If IsArray(FOp) Then
        ReDim FileAr(UBound(FOp))
        For i = LBound(FOp) To UBound(FOp)
            FileAr(i - 1) = FOp(i)
        Next i
        Exit Sub
    End If
End With
But my question is still topical. Because last opened file path is lost every time I use this code. In addition, when I updated my Corel up to CorelDRAW X8 64-bit I can't use Cyrillic symbols in VBA-code window. It's a pity...

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