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Question ExportBitmap with not rewrite file

Is it a way in case of ExportBitmap automation to receive a warning in case of a file with the same name already exists?

I mean for the next piece of code is it a way to stop export in case that a file with the same name already exists in the export folder...
Set Filter = d.ExportBitmap(strFile, cdrJPEG, cdrCurrentPage, _
    cdrRGBColorImage, 1000, 1000, 300, 300)
  With Filter
    .Compression = 80
    .Optimized = True
    .Smoothing = 10
    .SubFormat = 1
    .Progressive = False
    .Finish 'is there a way to stop this part for the same file name in export location folder...
  End With
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