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Default Re: VBA problem in PP11

I believe you meant to declare L as "Layer", not "Range" (btw, there is no Range class, but LayerRange). However I assume you just typed your example from the head and these are just typos.

I was able to confirm your problem. Combine doesn't return a layer. However it becomes active so, you can use ActiveLayer to get to it anyway.

The worst thing is that you cannot create a dropshadow from VBA right now. Same story is pretty much for most other tools (masks, brushes, etc). The automation for those was never completed. You will have to rely on CorelScript object to get to those features.

Here is an example:

Sub Test()
    Dim lr As LayerRange
    Set lr = ActiveDocument.Layers.Paste()
    With CorelScript
        .ObjectDropShadow True, 10, 28, 22, 0, 1, 82, False, 0, 2, 1000000#, 5, 0, 0, 0, 0
    End With
End Sub
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