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Default How to extract effect information without open file

I found that how to extract information without open file to use cdrInfoFilter

but i coudn't find extract effect information
(blending, shadow, lens, transparency, etc effect)

somebody know who have been extract information to use cdrInfoFilter...
or other a method..

i'm korean..
we have trouble that to accepted file be inclusion effect property
this file happen to print(publish) problem..

ofcouse, have only to open file, we can check this file before print.
but accepted filesize is normal 10M, and take a so long time

our customer have many complained to wait so long time
and i want how to extract info without open file

i know that corel X4 file is compressed file (metadata/metadata.xml)
but ordered file consist of under the corel X3

i want to solve this trouble,

somebody, anyone.. tell me what's your opnion... thks...
i need youre some think and solution

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