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Default Copy another objects Height or Width

Any code for copying another objects Width OR Height?
Either one but not both, not proportional.
So I guess 8 code snippets? Just difining which direction.

I have at least over a 100+ shortcuts so a few more
isnt going to hurt.

Im thinking maybe I could use Alt+Shift along with
QWE/ASD/ZXC to resemble the normal sizing grid.
Skip S, wont work or maybe that could match same size height/width?

Sometimes grabbing the handle bar and drag to snap is a PITA
so a shortcut would be a helluva lot faster.

I would assume you need to select the desired object to change size,
invoke shortcut then cursor turns to an arrow,
next would be to choose the "sized" object to match in length/height.

Is this possible?
Using X4 & 2019 2020

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