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Not sure if you can but you could put a condition on the register page.

I have one on my forum the makes the user enter a certain string in a text box.

Random Question:
In this sentence: Starting with the first t in the word "Starting" copy all the way until the y in the first word "way". Paste into the answer box. Make sure to include the t and the y.

Without it I get pummeled. But with it only normal users. It works really well.

Another idea from another user:

You could ask a question like: The Pac-Man watch is made by ...... (to find the answer, go here (put a link))

...or something just a little harder like : Copy the 6th, 7th and 8th word in this phrase "GameWatchGuys web site is just too awesome and kicks ass." So people would have to copy/paste "too awesome and".

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