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one little glitch i created...trying to fix.
I was trying to group all thumbs on the page after importing and scaling down before going to the next page. it work...but it groups all objects on each page which could be a problem since there is the titleblock and such. see goofup code.
        nPageCount2 = ActiveDocument.Pages.Count
        On Error GoTo 0
        If ActiveShape Is Nothing Then
            sr.add ActiveLayer.CreateLineSegment(X, Y, X + cfg.Width, Y + cfg.Height)
            sr.add ActiveLayer.CreateLineSegment(X, Y + cfg.Height, X + cfg.Width, Y)
            If ActiveSelection.Shapes.Count > 1 Then
                Set s = ActiveSelection.Group
                bGrouped = True
                Set s = ActiveShape
                bGrouped = True
            End If
Apart from the whole thumb positioning...this should be simple, right? I suppose it's a small change somewhere to tell the macro to group only the thumbs...hmmm and ideas?
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