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Default CQL Tables Text

How about something like this:
Sub MyTableTextColorChanger()
    Dim s As Shape, sr As ShapeRange
    Set sr = ActivePage.Shapes.FindShapes(Query:="@type='plugin:table' and (@com.ParentGroup = null or @com.ParentGroup.Type <> 21)") 'Return just the tables
    Set sr = sr.Shapes.FindShapes(Query:="@type='text:paragraph' and !@com.Text.Story.Text.Trim().empty()") 'Find all text
    For Each s In sr
        s.Fill.UniformColor.RGBAssign 255, 0, 0
    Next s
End Sub
I have only tested in X5. Let me know if it doesn't work in X4 and I will try a different way.

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