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Yes, the node is moved, but what you see in the second screenshot is what happens - the gradient interface actually shows up and sort-of stays "stuck" on that object. Then even if you click somewhere else and back to that object and, for example, click a color swatch expecting to apply a uniform fill the gradient end node color will be changed instead. In essence you are trapped inside the gradient on that object, something one wouldn't expect, especially from running straight-up VBA code.

As mentioned a side effect of this is that the property bar stops refreshing with object sizes and such when you select (or tab between) objects.

I have found a sort-of workaround that helps a bit - adding a S.CreateSelection command to the loop seems to help with the refresh on X6 (but not X5).

So basically the problem is staying trapped inside the gradient in a way. I can make a video if necessary showing the problem.
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