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Originally Posted by SteveDude
Hope I didn't offend you, I was just having a bad day.
Of course not! Did I sound offended? If so, sorry, didn't mean to...

For people who don't know, we are continuing a conversaition from Corel newsgroups. Here is part of the question:

Originally Posted by SteveDude
I have been using something like this to set the location of some artistic

x = .ActivePage.CenterX
y = .ActivePage.TopY - Margin - ObjectHeight
Set s = .ActiveLayer.CreateArtisticText(x, y, strText$, , , ,
sngFontHeight, , , ,cdrCenterAlignment)

In B6 it aligned as expected. In the gold it aligns 1/2 inch higher than
before. I am getting the ObjectHeight by converting the FontHeight to the
document units. Same code, different results.
It is hard for me to say what is the problem without seeing all the code and the end result, but I agree that more font information would be very useful, such as placement of each text baseline, text ascenders and descenders, each character position on the page, bounding boxes of characters, words, lines, paragraphs... I hope that the next version will open up at least some of those
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