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Thanks for asking,

Part 1
CorelDRAW has a preview bitmap enclosed in their binary file format. This preview is always on the same location (as far as I know) in the CDR file. I want to create a Wizard that can handle pre-made templates in CDR format (for repetitive designing tasks). In that Wizard someone has to pick the template of his/here choice. I could add a custom made preview in a sort of database but then you would have no preview in the Wizard when you make your own template.
If I had a way to extract that bitmap data (the preview) from the CDR file I wouldn’t have to make a custom preview for every template.

Part 2
Once a template is open (you see the worksheet behind the Wizard) there will be some items that the Wizard can replace like text or another part of the design like a piece of clipart. Then it would be nice if there was a way you could generate a preview from the active worksheet and point out in the Wizard that a circled part of the preview is the part of the worksheet you are going to replace. If there where several items of text to replace the Wizard will probably be always right in front of the active worksheet hiding the design and then it will be very difficult to tell which text you are chancing at that moment (where in the design it actually is located).

Part 2 could probably be achieved by a solution of part 1. I could search the newly opened template where exact the locations of the parts that can be replaced are in the worksheet, use the preview from part 1 and circle the locations in the preview. But this is complicated and maybe there is an easier way to do this.

I hope this clarifies things a little and that you can help me.
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