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Default bug in x5/vba with ColorConversionOptions?

hi there,

i just discovered a small bug probably.
dim file as string
file = "c:\test.cdr"
Dim openopt As New StructOpenOptions
Set openopt = CreateStructOpenOptions
openopt.ColorConversionOptions.ColorPolicy.WarnOnMismatchedProfiles = True
openopt.ColorConversionOptions.ColorPolicy.WarnOnMissingProfiles = True
Dim doc1 As Document
Set doc1 = OpenDocumentEx(file, openopt)
when starting this script, corel should open this file. if you haven´t saved any profile in this corel-file or the version is below x5 there should be a profile-dialogue (if you have selected this in the color-options) before the file is opened.
but there isn´t any dialogue. when i open this file with the standard-open-document-menupoint, the dialog is coming. through script it isn´t.

can anyone confirm this? i also tried the normal "opendocument" but there it´s the same.
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