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Default CorelDRAW curves to Adobe Photoshop paths converter

Disclaimer: English is not my native language.

Known that Adobe Photoshop can obtain vector data (paths) only via clipboard. First vector shape must be copied into clipboard in the Adobe Illustrator or may be dragging from them to Photoshop document.

With CorelDRAW this is not works. - Even vector object being copied into clipboard will be pasted into the Photoshop document you'll get it as raster image at 72 dpi resolution w/o transparency.

I thought that this can be made by converting data in the clipboard between Corel and Adobe specifics. But I was not found any info about format of this data. Reengineering it seems to be hard too.

So, recently I stumbled on the Photoshop File Format.pdf (from Adobe Photoshop 6 SDK) where described Path Resource Format of the Adobe Photoshop Document.

I guess that is possible to save CorelDraw vector data into PSD file using VBA based on the VBA documentation and Photoshop SDK.

Now for obtaining vector object in the Photoshop I must use Illustrator for opening exported by CorelDRAW EPS file.

But it would like directly.

This could become commercial product.

What your opinion?
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