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just fast tips, going home now:

dim sh as shape, n as node, x as double, y as double, shift&
if activedocument.getuserclick (x,y,0,true,cdrCursorNodeEdit)=0 then
  set sh=activepage.selectshapesAtPoint(x,y,true)
  if sh.shapes.count>0 then
    set sh=sh.shapes(1)
    set n=sh.Curve.FindNodeAtPoint(x,y)
    if not n is nothing then
      sh.curve.nodes.last.joinWith sh.curve.nodes.first
    end if
  end if
end if
this code was written just in two minutes here, in browser, I didn't test it

by the way I do this operation manually (very rarely) - here is a tip: assign j to node-join, Shift-J to node-break-apart, then double click you node - you will enter node-edit with this node selected, press Alt-J, draw a marqee around two resulting nodes, press J

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