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Default hmmmm...


I did figure it out and know why the results were different in 12 and X3, but still don't know why it worked in B6 and not in the gold. As I said, in the DRAWings X3 Beta the results were different than straight out DRAW X3. For circle text text in 12, Place on other side worked, so therefore there were no issues with aligning text to the bottom of the path. In X3, it doesn't work (at least in B6 it didn't, I did log a bug on it). If you change the sizes of the font in the sample you show you will notice the placement is different, but yes it is identical in 12. In my version I compensated for the offset in font size differences so the placement would be same no matter what. It was that compensation I needed to change to make it work in the Gold. This is part of a new feature I am adding to the DRAWings X3 plugin, so I never noticed the problem in 12.


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